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Let’s Read Community

It's a well known fact that I adore and have a passion for children's literature. I often live in a fantasy world, and struggle with fantasy versus reality. So, it is fitting that I have become a Facilitator for the Let's Read Community based primarily on the Tweed...

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LIFE: The importance of a Sustainable future.

I'm sitting at my laptop (although I'd prefer paper or typewriter) and contemplating MONEY versus LIFE. Which is more important to you? Six months ago I had a well payed corporate job and the MONEY was fine. I gave up the job for the dream of WORK and LIFE balance....

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I've had such a wonderful week of collaborating, mentoring and networking with like-minded souls. It makes me realise how blessed I am to have met such inspiring people in my life journey. During one of these networking meetings, the topic of balance was discussed. A...

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