Children will develop, grow and thrive when their confidence and self-esteem is fostered. Educators and Parents/Guardians have an important responsibility to safeguard the social and emotional development of young children in the first five years of their lives. This will also provide the necessary skills for the future. How can we encourage children and foster their confidence and self-esteem?


Love – Show young children that they are loved and appreciated for who they are and who they are becoming. Children who are surrounded by caring adults will develop a strong confidence and self-esteem.

Praise – Praise children’s achievements and accomplishments. Remember it is important to praise what the child has accomplished, so that they have an understanding of working for a goal that they want to achieve. Teach children that it takes hard work and perseverance to accomplish their ambitions and dreams.

Belonging Being Becoming

Belonging Being Becoming

Relationships and Friendships – Encourage children to build empathy and respect for others in the community. Building strong relationships and friendships will ensure that the children have a sense of belonging and well-being.

Time and Activities – Spend quality time with the children each and everyday. This may be possible by spending time on an activity or hobby that you and the children can do together. Whether this involves going surfing, for a bike ride, playing a musical instrument or simply relaxing with a great movie. Reading to a child for a minimum of 15 minutes a day will provide the bonding required and also promote a love of learning and literature in the early years.

I Statements – Utilising I Statements with children will foster confidence and self-esteem in the children. For example, I like the way you are helping me in the kitchen to prepare dinner. Again, remember to praise the activity rather than the child. The child will learn that completing tasks and activities are important.

Find your very own voice and sing your heart

Find your very own voice and sing your heart

Empowering Children and Building Resilience – Finally, Educators and Parents/Guardians should become role-models for the children. By building their confidence and self-esteem, children will become stronger individuals who can deal with any situations or traumas that they may be faced with. Building coping mechanisms within children will support children to identify their feelings and emotions. Empower Children to stand up for themselves and others during negative situations such as bullying. Building resilience in young children will ensure a sense of belonging and being for their future lives.

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