Reflective Practice: Taking time to learn.

Reflective Practice: Taking time to learn.

Are you struggling with reflective practices? Do you feel that you lack the time management skills to complete reflection on a regular basis? Here are some more questions to support you during reflective practice –

What are my beliefs and values about learning?

What are my beliefs and values about teaching?

What is my role as an educator?

What are my understandings of each child/student?

How do children/students learn best?

What resources best support the learning of the children/students?

What did I learn about the children/students, the curriculum and my own teaching strategies?

What theories, philosophies and understandings shape and assist my work?

What impact did the teaching have on me?

What values and opinions have been made or have been altered through this teaching experience?

How will I think or act in the future as a result of this experience?

How can use knowledge in my future planning of teaching and

Reflection in progress.

Reflection in progress.

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