I will be the first to admit that I thrive on Professional Development and Learning. I feel inspired when I’m learning something new or reviewing early childhood practices with other professionals. I enjoy the networking available and collecting those Certificates of Participation.

Professional Development and Learning are crucial to the quality practices of early childhood professional educators. Time management can often be a reason why educators struggle with completing the professional development and training responsibilities required for currency in the early childhood profession. Inspire Me Professional Development Co. is here to support educators in a variety of ways.

The only limits in life are the ones you make

The only limits in life are the ones you make

Inspire Me Professional Development Co. offers a range of flexible alternatives which can be customised to meet your individual needs and/or that of the service.


1) In-service professional development and training The first option and often the most effective for services is in-service
training in the comfort of the service. This can be provided during staff meeting hours and/or after hours for convenience.

2) Online professional development and learning. Online professional development and learning is a popular choice for educators who are unsure when they can access and complete training. Online learning can be accessed at anytime and in the comfort of home (as long as you have the technology)

3) Webinar professional development and learning. Webinars are a great option for those who may be isolated from other professionals and would like to network as part of a networking group. The webinars are planned at a specific date and time, and participants login through webinar links to join the conversation and learning.


4) Face-to-face Workshops are popular for those who would like to attend a workshop for networking and to collaborate and share ideas with other professionals. Workshops are scheduled at a convenient date and time for participants, and are held at a venue. This is perhaps the best way to network with your peers as often morning tea or lunch is provided depending on the hours of the sessions.

5) Conferences, Seminars and Day Sessions. Why not attend a conference, seminar or day session. These are wonderful for extensive professional development and learning, as well as networking with other professionals. Often there are short workshops and key speakers attending these sessions, so a variety of topics can be enjoyed.

6) Consultancy Visits. These visits are especially significant for working closely with a professional to enhance the quality of a particular area that may need continuous improvement. Some topics may include Behaviour Guidance, Documentation, Sustainability, Team building and so on. The Consultant works closely with the team, including the children, educators and parents if required. A consultancy report is often included at the conclusion of the consultancy visit.

You can contact Inspire Me Professional Development Co. to discuss any of these options above, and to tailor the professional development and learning to your specific requirements. Contact joanna.merto[email protected] or the website https://www.joinspireme.com

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All the best with your ongoing professional development and learning.